Music Academy

Music Academy è un’Accademia musicale d’avanguardia che... Scopri di più »

Musical & Performing Academy

Musical & Performing Academy offre una formazione professionale mirata a tutti coloro che intendono intraprendere una carriera artistica nel mondo delle arti performative e dell’intrattenimento... Scopri di più »

Professione MAS

Professione MAS, offre una preparazione multidisciplinare e completa per affrontare... Scopri di più »

Preparazione MAS

Preparazione MAS è un corso pre-accademico rivolto ai ragazzi fino ai 18 anni... Scopri di più »


è un corso di formazione finalizzato all’introduzione al musical attraverso lo studio di arti performative quali danza, musica, canto, recitazione... Scopri di più »


MAS Music, Arts & Show







MAS Music Arts & Show is a training centre for young people with the following structure:

The directors of the academies are supported by a team of about 50 Italian and foreign teachers, making up a teaching staff with a high artistic profile.

2016/2017 NEWS: ENTRY MAS (9-13 year olds)

Introductory course of training for dance at different levels.
The best way to begin to develop artistic talent through different disciplines!




Founded in 1995, MAS is today the largest Entertainment Business College with a 12,000 sq. m. building, large spaces, studios dedicated to dance, acting, singing and music, studios with stages, a drama theatre, music production studios, an in-house radio studio, and new apartments for the students, for an even better and complete study experience.




At MAS new talents are discovered, bringing out the students’ artistic talents and developing them to full professional maturity. Many of our former students have gone on to an artistic career in the entertainment business See more >> Numerous occasions for collaboration and competition, in order to cultivate talent: Spazio Live biweekly workshop for students’ musical performances; Workshops realized by the students with the guidance of the teachers, to stimulate creativity and synergy among the academies; Regular live performances outside the Academy. Each year MAS promotes an articulated programme of work experience, workshops and contests with first-rate international professionals.




At MAS regular open auditions are carried out exclusively for the students: casting for television programmes, concerts, shows, TV series and tours of international artists.

The MAS group produces, promotes and publicizes important international shows. MAS is the first Italian academy to be connected directly to the world of show production See more >>

Different entities approach MAS for casting and for the organization of events and performances where students have the opportunity to appear live in prestigious locations, in addition to participation in video clips with international artists, flash mobs and festivals.