An introductory training course dedicated to the study of dance, composed of different levels. The best way to start to develop artistic skills through different artistic disciplines. Dedicated to the very young (9-13 year olds), the course of training foresees two weekly meetings in the afternoon with compulsory attendance. The guiding principle of the course is to cover the technical (classical) and expressive (contemporary) aspects of dance.

Inspired by a maieutic, transpersonal model, this course introduces students to an academic approach based on solid technical preparation, with significant ethical, educational content.

Over the 3 years of the course students will be able to compare themselves with others and will have the opportunity to continue training for a future profession.

With the support and guidance of the teachers students will be able to follow the path best suited to their talents and develop a culture and artistic sensitivity that will develop their personal and professional qualities.

Classical Ballet


DIRECTOR: Daniele Luppino